Marjorie Taylor Green refuses to credit her MAGA friends for last week’s speaker

Neither-here-nor-there Marjorie Taylor Greene, who broke away from the MAGA camp to cozy up to “moderate” Kevin McCarthy in exchange for a committee assignment — which, it turns out, he might be strong-armed into getting anyway — now pretends to be Speaker. The holdout has nothing to do with the “deal” that was struck.

“There are things in the package that I like, but to be honest with you, they were there before last week, before people saw what happened on the House floor,” the Georgia congresswoman said, giving no credit to GQP. Ringleaders who now run the house circus. (see video below.)

In fact, Lone Wolf said deals between the GOP’s conflicting factions had already been made “weeks and months ago,” but heck, how the back-and-forth works on the floor of Congress was good for the American people. As if the Speaker’s defeat last week was staged for the sake of education. Nice try, Marge!

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