Zambelli hired a hacker and took him to Bolsonaro

President Jair Bolsonaro and Deputy Carla Zambelli during a ceremonial session in honor of actor Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, at the Chamber of Deputies.

Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agenzia Brasil

4 years ago, The first Vaja Jato report published by the Intercept revealed a collusion between Lava Jato prosecutors and Judge Sergio Moro to arrest Lula in time to remove him from the electoral race. The information on which the reports were based was obtained by Walter Delgatti. He accessed prosecutors’ telegrams, intercepted the contents of the conversation and decided to send it stop in the way.

Bolsonerism and Lovezatist journalism came out in defense of then-minister Sergio Moro when the bomb exploded. They tried to mislead public opinion by associating the hacker’s activities with the work of journalists exposing fried jato. Despite the obvious, it’s important to note that the intercept had nothing to do with the hacker’s actions and merely fulfilled a journalistic obligation by receiving and disclosing the information. Forcing the association of one thing with another was a clear attempt by prosecutors and judges to cover up the crimes committed.

Delgatti was arrested that year for Operation Spoofing, but was released in October 2020. Freedom was conditional on complying with a series of precautionary measures, such as the use of an electronic ankle bracelet and a ban on accessing email, social networks and mobile apps. News This week, The Brazilian Report website published an article revealing that Delgatti admitted that Jair Bolsonaro was in charge of the wiretapping mission of Minister Alexandre de Moraes. Hackers tried to clone the minister’s cell phone chip to find information that could compromise him, remove him from the TSE chairmanship and cast doubt on the election process. This information comes shortly after the denunciation of Marcos do Val, who explained a Bolsonaroist plan to wiretap Xandão. Two reports revealed the setting of a criminal trap against the President of the Superior Electoral Court, TSE, aimed at a coup directed directly by the then President of the Republic.

In August last year, deputy Carla Zambelli brokered a meeting between Bolsonaro and the hacker. Delgatti was welcomed at the Palacio da Alvorada, where he stayed with the former president for two hours. The meeting was held off the official agenda, but Wet Report recorded the hacker’s entry and exit in photos. Questioned by the press, Zambelli said that the conversation was only to find out the weakness of electronic voting machines. A month later, Deputy Delgatti contacted Bolsonaro again. He reports to Veza that Bolsonaro says he’s already tapped into Xandão’s conversations and now he’ll just need the hacker to figure out the crime. In return, the then president would find a way to clear up his situation. “He (Bolsonaro) said: ‘Your mission is to take over from here. Only, because then the rest is up to us’. I said beauty. Then he said: ‘And after that you have Paradise'”, he revealed.

During Vaja Jato, Zambelli was very close to then-Bolsonista minister Sergio Moro, who became his best man at his wedding. At the time, the deputy treated the hacker as a dangerous bandit, comparable to Adelio Bispo – the man who tried to assassinate Jair Bolsonaro during the 2018 election.

After three years of treating him like a criminal with “jail passages for theft, embezzlement, falsification of public documents and embezzlement”, Zambelli decided to hire him to informally take care of his social networks in August last year. Delgatti is still an undercover employee of the deputy and, as reported by the Brazilian Report website, receives a salary of R$ 6,000. The hacker even opened a company to be able to accept for services provided. If earlier Delgatti was considered a very dangerous bandit, now he has become a good man who deserves a good job. The sudden change is consistent with Zambelli’s biography. In just a few years, the former Femen activist has turned into a religious fanatic who, in his understanding, points a gun in the face of those who disrespect his morals and good manners on the street.

Everything in this episode is illegal. The deputy cannot appoint someone to take care of the official channels of his mandate behind the scenes without being accountable to the society. Delgatti is prevented from performing this role as he is banned from using social networks by precautionary measures. In addition, the deputy stayed without social networks for 3 months, determined to use them to conspire against the electoral process. What service did Delgatti do for him in these 3 months? When contacted by The Brazilian Report, Zambelli initially denied hiring the hacker. The reporter then tells him that he has audio recordings of Delgatti confirming that he was hired. Then he stopped denying and adjusted his version: “I had nothing to do with Walter in tapping Moraes”. One thing is undeniable: Deputy Alvorada was responsible for placing Delgatti inside the palace.

There is no shortage of material for Zambelli’s ethics council to revoke its mandate. But we know that Bolsonerism remains strong in the Chamber of Deputies and that this requires a long and difficult political process. It was then left to Alexandre de Moraes, president of the TSE and competitor in the fake news investigation investigated by Zambelli.

Although most of these reports have already been proven, they still need to be further investigated. The fact is that these puzzle pieces fit together quite perfectly. The plan drawn by Planalto as published by Do Val is exactly the same as that published by Delgatti. Both reports come in the wake of revelations of a coup found at the home of former minister Anderson Torres, detailing a coup plot. It has the face, taste, smell and appearance of a coup plot orchestrated by the former president and his cronies.