Mitt Romney to George Santos last night: “You don’t belong here”

Before President Biden began his State of the Union address last night, cameras zoomed in on what appeared to be a heated exchange between Sen. Mitt Romney (R–UT) and Rep. George (Anthony Devolder Kitara Ravache Zabrowski) Santos (R–NY). Well, heated on Romney’s part, while Santos responded with an orthopedic laugh (see videoSending something to the post office by someone JM Riegerbelow).

But it wasn’t until after President Biden’s speech, according to CNN, that Romney’s words were revealed: “You don’t belong here.”

“He’s under an ethics investigation, he should sit in the back row and be quiet instead of parading in front of the president and the people in the room,” Romney later told reporters (see video, posted Republican Accountability Projectbelow).

“I didn’t expect him to stand there and try to shake hands with every senator and the president of the United States,” Romney said of the brash lawmaker. “He shouldn’t be in Congress. And they’re going through the process and hopefully getting him out. But he shouldn’t be there and if he has any shame, he won’t be there.”

Romney also said there’s a difference between “embellishing,” which is how Santos described his completely false resume, and lying. “Look, Shovon says you got an A by getting an A-minus. Lying you graduated from a college you didn’t attend.”

Asked what Santos’ reaction was, Romney said he didn’t hear it. But, like a crackpot talking to a kettle, Santos later made his response loud and clear in a Twitter post: “Hey @Mitromoney just a reminder that you will never be president!”

According to The Washington Post, Romney was the only Republican to clap for Biden last night when he talked about unemployment being at an all-time low. The rest of the hostile GOP, aka the rabid us-versus-them crowd, couldn’t care less.

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