Lauren Boebert mocks Marjorie Taylor Green’s white balloon stunt

It seems the feud between Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green (Q–CO) and Rep. Lorraine Boebert (Q–CO) continues. At least at Boebert’s end, who, when the Hill reporter asked yesterday Emily Brooks If he has “some kind of symbolic protest for SOTU,” responds with a quick Marge jab: “Well, I’m not going to bring a white helium balloon, if that’s what you’re asking.” (See Brooks post below.)

Of course, the Colorado congressman was referring to the “sad” Georgia lawmaker’s balloon stunt yesterday (see videoSending something to the post office by someone Looks patrioticbelow), where he paraded through the Capitol Hall carrying a large white helium balloon, days after complaining about how unhappy he was as a Georgia lawmaker.

Interestingly, not even a year ago Boebert and Greene huddled together like two snakes in the grass at President Biden’s first SOTU, hissing in unison throughout the president’s speech. What a difference a year makes.

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