House Republicans are now blaming voters for George Santos (VIDEO)

Republicans take no responsibility for harboring George Santos, instead blame GOP voter For charlatans sitting in the House.

For example, in order to defend his ongoing support for Santos, even after his decision to resign from his committee position amid multiple investigations, Rep. “The people of his district voted to elect him,” said Ellis Stefanik (R-NY). (see video below.)

And earlier this month, Speaker Kevin McCarthy took the same tack, defending his staunch loyalty to whatever his name was by pretending the congressman “lied” and “stolen” what voters wanted. “Well, what I got was that the voters elected George Santos.” (See Sec videobelow.)

But blaming voters for electing Jorge Santos, who used deceptive advertising to cheat his way into Congress, is like shaming a car buyer for falling for a bait-and-switch scam. The only difference is that bait-and-switchers are, for the most part, arrested and held accountable.

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