Curry Lake staff welcomes “Jew hunter” Ethan Schmid to rally, but venue owner

Failed candidate Kari Lake held a desperate “Save Arizona” rally yesterday, where her activists welcomed anti-Semitic “Christian” Ethan Schmidt to the premises.

“You’re allowed,” a red-capped staff member said as Schmidt introduced himself and asked if he was allowed to attend. “I don’t think you have a media pass, but you must be allowed.”

“But I got kicked out last time,” Schmidt said, hoping for a fight that makes for a better video. But the lake worker just shrugged and said, “I don’t care.” (And apparently, neither does the shameless Lake, who posed with Schmidt at an earlier event.) (Watch the video (In the first tweet posted by Patriot Techs, below.)

It took the owner of the rally venue, along with several police officers, to escort the self-proclaimed LGBTQ and “Jew hunters” off the premises. (Watch the last videobelow.)

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