Bolsonaro’s coup planner Trapalhos’ roadmap to Brazil


Photo: Marcos Oliveira/Agency Senado

The former deputy is Md with a senator and says he has an urgent matter. He then called the President of the Republic and handed the phone to the Senator. The president, then, asked him to “take a little trip” to the Palacio da Alvorada. On the day of the assent, the two were secretly driven to the President’s official residence in a vehicle owned by the Presidency. It was five thirty in the afternoon and the President welcomed them in T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. The former deputy then reveals the reason for the secret meeting: to carry out a plan to spy on a minister of the Supreme Court, capture some suspicious phrases that suspect him of electoral fraud, arrest him and thus pave the way for a coup. It..

What the President and former deputy did not know was that, three days later, the senator invited to the coup plot would denounce the entire plan to the Supreme Court Minister.

It looked like a Trapalhões movie script, but it was just another episode of Bolsonaro’s Brazil. Just as soldier Didi Moko appears at the end to sabotage Sergeant Pincel’s mission, Marcos do Val appears at the end to sabotage Bolsonaro’s coup plan.

Do put his mouth on the trombone in an interview with Val Veza in which he places Jair Bolsonaro as an adviser on the coup plot. After the release, the senator came up with the new version in which Bolsonaro appears only as an audience member, while Daniel Silveira delivers the grand speech of the coup. None of the new versions changed what was reported in the first paragraph of this text. Bolsonaro called a meeting with the two in Alvorada and made available a presidential car to transport them secretly. At best for the then president, he would have witnessed the STF’s plan to arrest a minister and prevent the inauguration of the president-elect through a coup. At worst, he would be the architect of that plan. Whether as a mentor or a criminal of coup collaborators, Bolsonaro has committed grave crimes against democracy.

Surprisingly, Bolsonaro’s children didn’t do what they always do when their father is betrayed by allies. They usually attack violently and summon other Bolsonaros to destroy the traitor in the public square. It was so with Babiano, with Alexander Frota, with Joce Hasselman, with Sergio Moro and many others. But the treatment with Doe Val was the opposite. The senator was graced with phone calls from Flavio and Eduardo Bolsonaro, who supported him and helped dissuade him from resigning from office. It was apparent that this caress was a strategy to mitigate the damage already done by the clumsy ally.

Flavio Bolsonaro did what Bolsonaristas do in the face of dire situations: He said there was nothing much and that the episode reported by Do Val did not constitute a crime. Flavio admitted meeting his father with the senator and Daniel Silveira — who was already arrested last year for threatening democracy — and did not deny the content of what was discussed. He supported the version that Silvera proposed while Bolsonaro saw the offer of silent crime. One chosen to be injured on the street was the ex-deputy, who no longer has special rights and is already back in jail for defying the precautionary measures imposed by the STF.

In the testimony given to the Federal Police, Do Val presented a consistent version – the same one that was echoed by Flavio Bolsonaro – in which Daniel Silvera appeared as just an innocent bystander as the leader of the coup and the President of the Republic, in shorts and slippers. That is, Bolsonaro would have offered his residence for the coup meeting, making the presidential car available for their secret transportation, but had nothing to do with the proposed coup. The president would be like a child sitting at the table silently plotting a coup against the adults. Let’s face it, it’s easier to believe in a bottle of dick.

Do Val’s condemnation is one more indication among many of the existence of an organized plan within the Planalto palace to prevent Lula’s inauguration. It is becoming increasingly difficult to erase the former president’s fingerprints on coup plots. In one of the messages sent to Silvera do Val, he states that the espionage of Alexandre de Moraes “will give instructions for the steps to be taken, which are already designed and ready for execution”.


Photo: Edelson Rodriguez/Agency Senad

Spying on Alexandre de Moraes to find a phrase that would make him a suspect in electoral fraud and arrest him is the trigger for the coup plot found in the home of Bolsonaro’s former justice minister, Anderson Torres. .

The pieces are falling into place and everything points to Bolsonaro as one of the heroes of the coup movement. Your former justice minister was arrested for colluding and dissing the bolsonaristas who attacked and destroyed the buildings of the three powers. His right-hand man, Valdemar da Costa Neto, made it clear that the draft had been circulated among the entire Bolsonaro leadership, without anyone being reprimanded by the president.

Bolsonaro has already been formally investigated in the STF investigation that probed the January 8 coup. According to an investigation by Estadão, court ministers guarantee that these new episodes are enough to break the privacy of him and the other members of the summit. And so the circle closes.

A few days earlier, Alexandre de Moraes ordered the preventive arrest of 942 coup plotters. Maybe it’s time to arrest Pak’s main leader. Bolsonaro has been without a special forum for more than a month. Here’s the tip.