Barca fans miss EU court bid over Messi’s PSG transfer – Politico

FC Barcelona fans tried to take action against star footballer Lionel Messi’s 2021 transfer to rival club Paris Saint-Germain at the European Union Court of Justice. But they failed to score as the General Court rejected their bid on Wednesday.

Fan group Penia Barca Lyon: More than fans have gone to court to try to force the European Commission to take action against the French Football Association and investigate alleged state support for PSG which they claim helped finance the multi-million euro transfer package that lured them. did From Barcelona.

Luxembourg judges were not sympathetic. The fans are not PSG’s economic rivals, they said, nor can they claim to be an “interested group” in defending the values ​​of football and sport as a common good because they do not show how the alleged loss affects them personally. The court also said it had “no jurisdiction to issue injunctions” ordering EU institutions to act as fans wanted.

The judgment upholds the commission’s refusal to entertain complaints about transfers.

Messi’s move has fueled a debate over top clubs’ efforts to form a breakaway league that has spilled over into the EU courts. A court should rule this year on whether football’s governing bodies can rein in clubs.

The case is T-538/21 PBL and WA v Commission.